“The Concealed Past”

“Etealune,” He shrugged as tears slowly filled his eyes to the brim, “Where are you when I needed You the most?”

He felt a sudden sense of heaviness within his heart. Whenever he speak the name of this Person, he was left dumbfounded in awe. The more he think about Him, the more the memories awaken like an unforgettable scent unfurling from the depths of his memory–making him smile a bit. It was several years ago when he and Etealune met, the very same time he knew the essence of His character reflected in His name which means “eternity” according to the ancient tongue.

As his hope and strength slowly regained, he noticed that the book he carried on his back glowed a faint light like a single star trying to shine in the middle of the darkened sky.

He opened the book only to see the glowing phrase that melt his heart with joy. “Was yea erra lhasya yanje…” He recited the words aloud upon the assurance of His promise as he know what Etealune is saying.

“I am with you forever and I’m very much happy and I want this to last for eternity.”

-Cyrustale, TheConcealedPast (Unpublished), circa 2016

#Abba #EtenalSelfExistingOne #ThePlot #Deconstruction #Cyrustale


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