Shuttered Shades of Sena Fe

The city shrugs in dreadful sounds when soundless are their mournful siege
As waves of men that rides on horse with horses’ mane that war has waged
As if to sully what their mighty banner carries, just strained out to haste the reason that’s so mere
Sena Fe’s a city having ruled with idiocy just where religious tyranny’s unclear
The essence of their faith has crushed the city’s gate and mercy granted that’s so late
They bear a cross so mightily it looks, being perverted on this solemn state
When they had shouted, “’tis for greater glory”, when actually they’re sowing violence that’s gory
and all the while their heads on heavens are but heaps of hypocrites enough to stir the laughter of the heathens hanging on the havens of the hate
And utter foolishness resides in forms of godliness which utter goal’s to dominate
When actually it’s opposite as good fruits come just solely from the trees that’s good and bears the emblem of real faith
But absurd is the truth that gaze, though countless times the fire has blazed, the townsfolk seemed to keep on living all the while keep carrying the burden that become their ways
It never dawn that they’re in prison heading to their own destruction far beyond their flesh and bones
But oh, how dreadful it would hurt when all the while they live in mirth if someone, yes but one tell all the young and all young once
That they’ve been living in a lie as puppets playing for the vile whose cares are mundane transient shares wherewith the weak are eaten by surprise
For how can one survive the vanity that bribes the worth of souls that doomed in their demise?
Indeed the worst things in this world are not the wrecks of tyranny but of the fate awaiting those who never knew their enemy when all the while they do is walk in strings in blinded misery

© Cyrustale 2014.

I wrote this poem to illustrate how religion came into someone’s life as a brute force but somehow the person accepts it without challenging it, confirming to its ritualistic prison and became a slave of it. In short, I just hate religion. It divides, and draws men away from the Truth of Jesus Christ. When we can sow love instead of religious dogma.


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