Countenance of Sorrow

Princess and Ravens
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The glaring light beheld beauty
Where dark subdue the frozen soul
Fear not, oh Poe’s Annabel Lee
Find your way, not to the Sheoul
Rest once more..

Oh wind you come, begins September!
existence flourish in vanity
These sea of dreams, I know its queer
Ephemeral, I wish it may
Sleep no more…

Out of reach, eternal bliss
Of feathers, the seraphs glow
The devil’s scheme you failed to miss
Now wand’ring mind, you wept so slow
Faint, like Faustus’ yore…

Amidst the silence, yearn to pen
Of love that’s strong, whose worth’s ascending
oh Annabel,distressed maiden
Wond’ring still, waiting..
but write still more..

If lower than the grave, your heart will sink
Tears freely fall, melancholic escape
As pieces of paper, revealed the ink
“Where art thou, my heart’s possessor?
..thy maiden’s secluded here, forevermore…”

© Cyrustale 2011

Author’s Notes:

Did you know Edgar Allan Poe? If so, you must know “Annabel Lee,” one of the greatest poem I ever encountered. It talked about love that ends up tragically with the maiden being separated from his loved on and later passed on to sleep on the grave.

“Countenance of Sorrow” is a poem written on Annabel Lee’s perspective while she is away from her lover. Long distance relationship, aww!

I created this poem when I saw a note from a girl asking where is her boyfriend when she needs him the most especially on the hard times of life.

Enjoy reading! Thank you 🙂

-Cyrustale 2016



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