Where the River Meets the Sea


I thought I have slipped by mistake
In the river flowing strong
Pushing me away–away from land
In the silence of a fading song
As I keep my breath, raising my hand
I’m drowning in, going in the depths
I must have lost myself in defeat
But suddenly the waters glow
As crystal fragments show
And swarms of living creatures
Filled the waters with life
And I’m there with the flow
And breathing beneath the sight
No–I have not slipped by mistake
My old comfort zone’s a fake
For my home’s in this river of grace
Where it meets the sea in its wake

© Cyrustale 2016

This poem is written as I feel so brokenhearted about how my plans of going home was ruined. These are times when my Daddy God is teaching me about getting close to His heart and I’m not giving up whatever the circumstances may be for where I am right now is where He put me to grow best. This poem reminds  me of the message of Ezekiel 47:9:

Swarms of living creatures will live wherever the river flows. There will be large numbers of fish, because this water flows there and makes the salt water fresh; so where the river flows everything will live. (NIV)

I am breathing within this intersection of the river and the sea making everything grow in abundance. Thank You Jesus!


“The Concealed Past”

“Etealune,” He shrugged as tears slowly filled his eyes to the brim, “Where are you when I needed You the most?”

He felt a sudden sense of heaviness within his heart. Whenever he speak the name of this Person, he was left dumbfounded in awe. The more he think about Him, the more the memories awaken like an unforgettable scent unfurling from the depths of his memory–making him smile a bit. It was several years ago when he and Etealune met, the very same time he knew the essence of His character reflected in His name which means “eternity” according to the ancient tongue.

As his hope and strength slowly regained, he noticed that the book he carried on his back glowed a faint light like a single star trying to shine in the middle of the darkened sky.

He opened the book only to see the glowing phrase that melt his heart with joy. “Was yea erra lhasya yanje…” He recited the words aloud upon the assurance of His promise as he know what Etealune is saying.

“I am with you forever and I’m very much happy and I want this to last for eternity.”

-Cyrustale, TheConcealedPast (Unpublished), circa 2016

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Fragments Of Cyrustale

He begged her to go with him aboard the airship to escape the impending catastrophe, promised to take her to the places where he had been–for her to know his world but she sadly declined and told him her heart is set on other things.

The airship lifts and the wind consumed it–never to be seen again.
-Cyrustale, The Silver Storm(Unpublished), circa 2016Castle

Random Memories of a Daydreamer

I have only seen her several times, but whenever she’s near, it feels like a whole new world is before my eyes. The way she smile, the way she move, the way her head sways at the rhythm–are just some of the factors that makes my heart beat the hell out of me. At that moment then, I am in awe and wonder. I am so amazed at how someone like her could ever make me feel this way. Someone who can mesmerize me and fill me with hope again. Seeing her in a distance, my heart could leap out of my chest. Whenever she talked, I feel like I’m losing my words. I never wrote about her the way I wrote about others. She’s so perfectly rare. I wish I could hold her hand again just like that time I held hers in the pool and I still recall the way she gripped my arms back. I wanna sing a new song and read my poems to her just like that time when we were on an abandoned train station on a bright summer day and her hair dances with the wind. ^_^

Sigh daydream pa more.