The Seed

I have to sail–somewhere far
With a silent song
and mem’ries engraved in a photograph
Leaving behind–a seed
soaked wet by your tears
and of future turmoil
echoing–Can we survive this?
When you said it yourself
“We can’t be together–for now…”
So you’ve watch it grow,
until it bloomed
reminiscing our distant yesterday
–melancholic, mystic yesterday
‘til you get tired of watching the li’l plant grow
and left it for someone’s scent
And now–I’m back to the place
Where our promises gave birth
Only to see that once tiny seed
–turned into an enormous tree
But there’s nothing left
between you and me…

© Cyrustale 2016

The seed

I have written this move as a “moving on” after a heartbreak with my first girlfriend. The seed represents the love we have for each other that keeps our relationship. We were still immature back then and I guess I don’t have any idea how to keep a long distance relationship. I haven’t seen her after we broke up through text and she has moved on already. Well, what poets do after a breakup anyway?


I Wonder

I wonder where you are right now
What you’re doing when you are sad
And where you lean that fragile heart
Just when your day just turned out bad

When I wonder, it pains me so
When I just can’t be there for you
Who sees the things you want to show?
And who cares ‘bout, troubles you know?

Oh darling, dear, my sweetest pain
When I depart and you remain
And when I know you have my heart
It aches and wished we’re not apart

Oh, I still long to see your beauty
When your eyes shine as they meet mine
Those wavy hair that rides the wind
That gentle smile that makes me fine

And now I wonder what to do
When once again, I’ll go see you
Shall I tease you with all day’s length?
Or shall I hug you with all my strength?

 © Cyrustale 2014.


I wrote this poem when I was in college two years ago. At that time, I was in a long distance relationship and it was really hard missing someone an island away. So while waiting, this poem was born.