The Flight

“The Flight”
by Cyrustale

I have never asked the wind,
the spirit of the earth,
to bring forth your memory
which haunts me painfully…

More than anything else,
I recall the plucking of strings
The gentle melody,
and the flapping of your wings

Drifting away,
up and away..




Random Memories of a Daydreamer

I have only seen her several times, but whenever she’s near, it feels like a whole new world is before my eyes. The way she smile, the way she move, the way her head sways at the rhythm–are just some of the factors that makes my heart beat the hell out of me. At that moment then, I am in awe and wonder. I am so amazed at how someone like her could ever make me feel this way. Someone who can mesmerize me and fill me with hope again. Seeing her in a distance, my heart could leap out of my chest. Whenever she talked, I feel like I’m losing my words. I never wrote about her the way I wrote about others. She’s so perfectly rare. I wish I could hold her hand again just like that time I held hers in the pool and I still recall the way she gripped my arms back. I wanna sing a new song and read my poems to her just like that time when we were on an abandoned train station on a bright summer day and her hair dances with the wind. ^_^

Sigh daydream pa more.